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Contract Review, Insights and Audit

We can help you obtain a better grasp of your existing contracts, analyze their content and terms, and help you effectively manage them. This will allow you to identify underperforming agreements or expose potential risk areas and renegotiate for better terms.

ICN Consulting will help streamline your organizations’ IT agreements, management and procurement processes through the following services:

  • Review and assess existing Master Contracts and Service Level Agreements to identify enhancement opportunities
  • Identify potential savings and greater contractual protection
  • Conduct a risk analysis and develop a risk mitigation plan
  • Recommend best practice improvements
  • Identify contracts needed to supplement your inventory
  • Review contractual documents during mergers, acquisitions, due diligence and divestitures
  • Assist with RFI, RFP development
  • Assist with creation of SOW, SLA and KPI templates
  • Development of an organization’s own agreements instead of using vendor contracts
  • Review and update of existing policies, procedures, and practices
  • Create and execute negotiation and procurement plans with suppliers
  • Review and assess supplier risk and performance programs