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Our Methodology


Executives and procurement professionals are playing a larger and more strategic role in overall organizational and sustainable growth. ICN Consulting specialists provide the expertise and objectivity to help your organization get there. We work with you to mitigate risk, optimize utilization and reduce spend on technology assets and services. We have developed a proprietary methodology to help you achieve this.

Managed Acquisition Process™ – MAP™

Designed to help you maximize your leverage throughout the procurement process, the Managed Acquisition Process™ (MAP™) is designed to help large and small companies, governments, and organizations of all sizes save resources and money. By focusing on best practices in a variety of areas (RFIs, RFPs, contract drafting, negotiations, contract management, and vendor management), you can begin improving your deals, increasing vendor performance, and reducing costs.

The procurement of goods and services is not an isolated event—it’s a process—and to do it well requires teamwork. Every stage of the process involves an opportunity for you to strengthen or weaken your bargaining position with your vendors. Whether you are directly or indirectly involved in the sourcing and procurement of goods and services, ICN will help you get the most out of your vendors—no matter what type of deal you’re doing.