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ICN's Do Better Deals At Your Site Seminars

SLA Lab:
Results-Based Contracting

Course length: Two days | Complete course outline click here

Early in the acquisition process, effective negotiating teams must agree upon the concept of which contractual approach they will use to drive the deal. ICN's advanced training course, SLA Lab: Results-Based Contracting, helps you understand the difference between contracting for resources and contracting for results and shows you how to implement a "results deal".

This "results versus resources" decision establishes which side of the bargaining table will bear the responsibility for the results you're expecting from the deal. In a "results deal," the vendor is responsible, while in a "resource deal," it's the customer.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Get Specific Results
  • Change Promises into Contractual Rights
  • Ensure Vendor Compliance
  • Get Meaningful Remedies
  • Reduce Your Risk of Project Failure
  • Save Money, Time, Aggravation and Future Headaches

Our SLA Lab on-site training will give you these valuable take-aways:

  • Service Level Template
  • Sample Service Level Measurement Formats
  • Scorecard Templates
  • Dashboard Illustrations
  • Position Paper
  • Sample Service Level Agreement
  • Financial and Non-financial Incentives
  • Responsibility Matrix
  • Negotiations Ploys and How to Handle Them
  • Performance Pools, Reconciliation Strategies


Complete course outline click here







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