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ICN's Do Better Deals At-Your-Site Seminars

Do Better Deals™ At-You-Site Seminars Overview (pdf)

  • You don’t GET what you don’t ask for.
  • If you didn’t hear a “NO,” you didn’t get the best deal. 
  • When they say it’s not about the money, it IS about the money. 
  • MANAGE your vendors or they manage you. 

ICN's Do Better Deals™ At-Your-Site Seminar Advantages:

  • Cost effective—Up to 24 people can all be trained without airfare or hotel costs
  • Convenient—Your location and at the time/date of your choice
  • Customized—Your company and your team
  • Concise—Presentations tailored specifically to you
  • Conducive to Candor—Only your team is in attendance
  • Case Study Specificity—Your company's current situation
  • Confidential to your Company— Your current or ongoing negotiations
  • Combination of Modules—Our award-winning seminars and training programs
  • Commonality—Simultaneous training and messaging for your team
  • Camaraderie—Teambuilding from shared simultaneous training

The ICN Do Better Deals™At-Your-Site Seminar advantage has already worked for 300+ of the Fortune 500, click here to contact us and find out how
it can work for you.

If these “truths” aren’t being applied to each one of your negotiations, you are leaving money on the table. 

Do you sometimes feel like you aren’t getting what you are paying for? 
Do you lie awake at night wondering if the latest deal will come back to bite you?

The professional negotiation experts at ICN will show your team how to Do Better Dealsand to maximize every negotiation.  With ICN’s hands-on At-You-Site Seminar, your whole team will gain the strong negotiating skills necessary to: save money, save time, save resources, maximize energy and eliminate headaches in every negotiation from now on!  The best training investment you will ever make is ICN’s customized Do Better Deals™ At-Your-Site Seminars.

ICN will bring any seminar program, any negotiation modules or any customized combo you need directly to your site. We’ll train your entire team of people to do the best deals possible and subsequently how to manage those deals for maximum benefit.  You get all the strength, experience, skill and powerful negotiation tools of ICN in the time and the format you need.  For over three decades, ICN’s experience, powerful tools and proven methodology have helped clients Do Better Deals™.

The tremendous value of ICN’s Do Better Deals™ At-Your-Site Seminars:

  • Customized deal-making training
  • On-site seminar scheduled to fit your time frame
  • Instruction designed specifically for your company and at your location
  • Experienced and skilled instructors devoted to your staff and your negotiation needs for two to three full days
  • All team members (up to 30 people) trained simultaneously and all learning the same skills together
  • Team building and bonding over the improved negotiation skills learned
  • Cost savings—bringing the training in-house saves big bucks on airfare, hotels, travel time and time away from the office


Click below for complete details about each of the ICN
At-Your-Site Seminars:

Fortune 500 companies rave about ICN’s Do Better Deals™ At-Your-Site Seminars:

“You’ve exceeded my expectations with the approach and detail of relationship management.  You’ve given me a new view of relationship dynamics.  ICN’s At-Your-Site Seminar had excellent content and approach.”

“I will never consider a vendor our partner again.  Instead we will turn the account management process around to manage the vendors.”

“I love the jokes that the presenter told and the passionate delivery and was especially impressed with the good company-specific context.”

Do Better Deals™ At-You-Site Seminars Overview (pdf)





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