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logoExperience has shown that the greatest successes achieved in implementing the Managed Acquisition ProcessTM are those that are supported by senior management. To encourage that level of support, ICN's Executive Briefing provides a customized orientation to the unique challenges of technology procurement. The briefing is designed for senior to mid-level management and focuses on the integral role of effective technology procurement in helping to meet overall business objectives. Time and again, prudent business practices during the technology procurement process have proven to save companies millions of dollars and avoid costly dispute resolution with suppliers. 

Workshop Topics

Why Negotiate?
  • Are you negotiating or begging?
  • Allocate dollars and risk
  • Acquisition: a process, not an event
  • Understand the process
  • Dealing with opposing objectives
  • Balance price and protection
Negotiations As a Process
  • The rationale for a process
  • Why and how to manage the people, places and things
  • Gaining stakeholder approval
  • Maximizing your power
The Ten Truths…In Technology Negotiations
  1. If it’s not part of the contract, it’s not part of the deal
  2. Contract management is essential, even critical
  3. It is not a relationship of trust— it is not a partnership
  4. Are we acquiring results or resources
  5. Information is power
  6. Don’t worry about the vendor’s feelings or profits
  7. The entire procurement process is about control and negotiating power
  8. You have to hear some noes
  9. Remedies are essential
  10. Don’t select a vendor before you’ve negotiated the deal
Overview of the Managed Acquisition Process (MAP)
  • Form Team
  • Establish Decision Criteria
  • Determine Relationship Architecture
  • Gain Management Approval
  • Develop Contract
  • Issue Request for Proposal
  • Conduct Bidders’ Conference
  • Evaluate Potential Suppliers
  • Implement Zone of Consideration
  • Manage the Contract


  • Understand the advantages of a formal acquisition process

  • Learn the importance of management sponsorship of the process

  • Know the role of senior management in the negotiating process

  • Learn management tactics needed to leverage better deals

  • Understand why the role of management is critical to success

*Please note
The Executive Briefing is an excellent tool to also gain end user support for a disciplined procurement process. When given to groups of users who interact with suppliers, this briefing has been highly effective in changing corporate cultures to Do Better Deals.

This Executive Briefing can vary in length from 1 to 3 hours depending on your requirements.

Ensuring executive and
end user buy-in



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