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Software Asset & License Management

Software Asset & License Management



Software asset and license management (SAM) has become mandatory for organizations in facilitating license compliance (to avoid unbudgeted fees, penalties and reputational damage), reducing costs, and maximizing value from software investments. While most organizations today recognize the need for SAM practices, many do not know how to begin or have had disappointing results.

This seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to and framework for lifecycle software asset and license management (SAM), including best practices – a blueprint for SAM success. Our expert instructor – a SAM pioneer, with over 27 years of hands-on experience – offers valuable tips and insights to ensure that the approach and results meet your objectives and are consistent with industry practices.


The seminar and accompanying material will assist attendees to:

  • Clearly define your organization's SAM objectives
  • Develop a SAM program charter and plan
  • Obtain stakeholders' commitment
  • Identify and assess current practices
  • Develop and implement new/improved practices
  • Identify benefits and develop a business case
  • Support RFx for external products and services
  • Establish organization and staffing
  • Validate and demonstrate SAM:
    • Work Effort
    • Value
    • Effectiveness


Seminar Outline

  1. Seminar Objectives
  2. SAM Fundamentals: Key Concepts and Definitions
  3. Why SAM? Benefits
  4. What is SAM? Program Framework
  5. Industry Perspective: SAM Current State
  6. SAM Charter and Planning
  7. Software License Management
  8. Software License Compliance
  9. Software License Agreements
  10. SAM Best Practices


  • Software Asset Lifecycle Processes
  • License Agreement Assessment


SAM program framework is comprised of the following components – collectively "practices":

  • Data: Asset, license and related (e.g., contract, financial, organization)
  • Lifecycle processes and activities
  • Policy and governance
  • Supporting technology
  • Organization: Structure, roles, accountabilities, reporting and staffing

Instructor: Sherry Irwin


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