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Negotiations — Special One-Day Event

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Who Should Attend?

Rookies through proven veterans – everyone who negotiates

It will make a positive difference in the deals you do. Now, more than ever, it’s important that you know how to negotiate effectively. Attend and you’ll learn a methodology that allows you to accomplish your objectives. We guarantee that you will:

  • Increase your negotiating power
  • Understand a process that ensures success
  • Learn principles used by experienced negotiators



If you’re ever in a position that requires you to negotiate, this is a must-attend seminar! Do better trade agreements, acquisitions/mergers, real estate transactions, and corporate or government procurement. Improve any deal where you need to protect your interests. This course is idea for IT procurement professionals; which means it is very useful for anyone who negotiates anything.

Comprehensive, in-depth

This course is the most thorough, practical and effective negotiations seminar available. Its content and instructors get very high ratings from attendees with all levels of negotiations experience.

Workshop Outline

  1. Our Challenges—12 Major Challenges!
  2. Overview of Solution –

    • Comes from a variety of sources
    • Can be gained, lost or given away
    • Affects attitude, behavior and outcomes
    • The essential important factor?
  3. Process
    •  Effective negotiation is a process, not an event
    • Use in whole or in part
    • It’s about project management
    • Provides focus, direction, discipline, consensus and consistency
  4. Principles
    • Best practices
    • Collective wisdom
    • Practical, proven do’s and don’ts
    • From painful learning experiences
  5. Negotiating Power
    • Alternatives
    • Authority—Gain four ways
    • Information—Six critical points, including:
      • Information is power
      • Talking = giving information
      • Listening = receiving information
    • The deal itself
    • Opponent—Gain four different ways
  1. Step 1: Organize
    • Establish team
    • Develop scope
    • Identify resources
    • Collect/prioritize objectives
  2. Step 2: Prepare
    • Schedule
    • Information gathering
    • Strategy
    • Finalize Negotiation Plan
    • Run Simulations
    • Meeting logistics
    • Develop agenda
    • Review table team protocol/rules
  3. Step 3: Execute
    • Meeting management
    • Communication
    • Dealing with deadlocks and impasses
    • Ploys, strategies, and tactics
    • Closing/documenting
  4. Step 4: Manage
    • Monitor Compliance
    • Take action!
  5. Summary and Key Points
    • Never – 15 things never to do
    • Remember – 23 critical truths
    • Summary