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With over 40 years of experience, ICN enables professionals and organizations to do better deals. With a results-based approach we ensure money, resources and time are spent wisely in the procurement of technology goods and services. We bring deep, practical expertise and are well known as our clients’ advocate in the sourcing and maintenance of the IT supply chain process.

ICN Consulting works with clients to make IT procurement a streamlined operation and realize significant impact to the bottom-line. We help you achieve and maintain success through strategic and efficient processes that enable your organization to improve performance, reduce costs and waste, and increase return on investment.

We focus on measuring and managing risk with every contract you sign.

Benefits of Partnering with ICN Consulting

  • Access to an experienced, multi-disciplinary team of technology, procurement and contract experts and attorneys
  • Outsource contract procurement needs on-demand, saving internal time and resources
  • Gain advantage over suppliers with a deep understanding of both technology and procurement practices
  • Training for ICN’s acclaimed Managed Acquisition Process™ (MAP™) methodology, based on acquisition by prioritized objectives
  • Safeguards against vendor ploys
  • Significantly reduce risk and optimize vendor agreements
  • Identify key success drivers and optimize utilization 

What We Do

Procurement’s role is evolving rapidly in the supply chain process from a tactical department to a strategic team driving enterprise-wide value. Procurement organizations are participating in a much more intentional role, critical to overall corporate growth.

To meet these new expectations, procurement and supply chain teams must operate more efficiently and have the expertise on hand to align them with the needs of the enterprise.

We bring a range of procurement and supply chain capabilities that help our clients address three primary areas—Contract Review, Insights and Audit, Technology Leasing Negotiations and Vendor-Specific Expertise.